Friday, 29 September

W/N: Police collapse several 'wee ghettos’ at Bibiani

Police officers destroying some 'wee ghettos at Bibiani municpality

The Bibiani Police, led by Superintendent Seth Sewornu, has destroyed several 'wee ghettos' in the Bibiani municipality of the Western North Region. 

The police operation formed part of the activities to flush out criminals in the area.

The Bibiani area has been identified as one of the hideouts for criminals rampantly increasing the criminal records of the area. The police have also taken a keen interest in the activities of those involved in the escalating crime in the area.

As part of police efforts to flush out the criminals in the community, some 'wee ghettos' have been destroyed. 

The police have burnt several 'wee ghettos' in Old Town, Attakrom and Nantwikumye all in the Bibiani community of the Bibiani Anhweaso-Bekwai municipality in the Western North Region.

However, no person was arrested during the operation.

The police in an interview disclosed they will continue their activities until all 'wee ghettos' are collapsed in the municipality.

Class 91.3 FM's Western North Regional correspondent speaking to some residents in Bibiani commended the police for embarking on such an important exercise. 

They appealed to the police to continue the destruction of the 'wee ghettos' to make Bibiani a better living place.

Source: Mensah