Thursday, 30 November

All issues with GPAs will be addressed in 2 weeks – UEW assures level 400 students


The management of University of Education Winneba (UEW), has assured stakeholders that academic records of students will be updated within the next two weeks.

The decision was announced after a management meeting.

The school has also assured that there will be some updates to the GPAs starting today, Monday, September 26.

The level 400 students of the school accused the data protection unit of the University of neglecting to update their records in the last three years even after serving notice.

They, therefore, organised a demonstration last week to express their anger arguing that they are due for graduation in a couple of weeks but do not know their GPAs.  

Management of the university, in a statement, however, said the issue will be resolved soon.

Below is the statement:

Following a crunch meeting by Management with respect to issues related to the results of Level 400 Students, the following measures have been put in place to ensure timely resolution of the issues.

All stakeholders have been given a 2-week deadline of 7th October, 2022 to resolve all outstanding level 400 student results-related issues. However, Students would begin to see updates to their online transcript in portals starting from Monday, 26th September, 2022 Result-related issues that have been submitted by various departments have been collated and are being uploaded for students to view online in the coming week.

Step-by-step guidelines on how to view the updated transcript online will be communicated to students by Monday, 26th September, 2022 Transcripts of results showing up-to-date results submitted by the various departments will be sent by 23rd September to various examination officers for them to update students immediately. All outstanding supplementary or resit examinations for Level 400s; as a result of trailing from level 100 – 300 should take the form of take-home examinations.

Heads of Departments and Examination Officers are to ensure that all outstanding result-related corrections that have been reported to departments and are yet to be submitted are to reach the SRO Office by 12 noon Sunday 25th September, 2022.

A Help Centre would be set up at the Student Centre at North Campus from Wednesday 28th September 2022 from 10 am – 3 pm every day until the 14th of October, 2022 to receive complaints from level 400 students with respect to any result-related issue that they may have for a speedy resolution in consultation with the various departments. Students are entreated to lodge all complaints at the Help Centre.

Departments are to make sure that any student who does not pick up their transcript is invited to do so with utmost urgency. All students are being reminded that they should resort to dialogue to have any issues resolved.

They are also entreated to take advantage of the laid down procedures and directives given for the speedy resolution of their problems.

Management would also want to let all students know that the graduation of students is very dear to its heart and all students who are legitimately supposed to graduate would do so provided they follow the laid down guidelines presented in these urgent times.

Ag. Registrar


Source: Mensah