Friday, 08 December

Collapsed Doli bridge being fixed

General News
Working on the road

The Ministry of Roads and Highways has taken action to address the collapse of the Doli bridge, which has severed road transport between Bole in the Savanna Region and Wa, the Upper West Regional capital.

In response to the urgent situation, the Ministry has announced plans to construct a temporary bailey bridge, allowing for pedestrian traffic while efforts to repair the collapsed bridge and damaged roads are underway.

Sector Minister Kwasi Amoako-Attah, who conducted an assessment of the damage with a government delegation, characterised the incident as a significant disaster. 

He emphasised that the temporary bailey bridge is a necessary diversion to ensure the vital route connecting the Upper West Region to the south remains accessible.

In addition to the immediate repairs, Minister Amoako-Attah revealed that permanent solutions are in the works, including the reconstruction of the collapsed bridge in the coming weeks and the construction of additional culverts to manage future floodwaters. 

Furthermore, he said steps will be taken to repair the dam alongside the road, which breached its bank and contributed to the crisis.

Mr Amoako-Attah affirmed the government's commitment to swiftly addressing this issue, underscoring the importance of keeping all parts of the country connected.

He noted that the Doli bridge, originally constructed in 1987, faced the recent washout due to the nearby dam's breach, and comprehensive remediation efforts are underway.

"I want to assure the people of the Savanna Region and the country that the government is attaching great importance to this particular problem because it is its determination that no part of the country should be cut off".