Monday, 17 June

Every Ghanaian generates filth equivalent to a tin of milo a day – Zoomlion

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Ricky AAnoky Frimpong

Mr. Ricky Anokye Frimpong, the Greater Accra Regional Business Development Manager for Zoomlion Waste Management Company Limited, has revealed startling statistics about waste generation in Ghana. 

According to Mr. Frimpong, each Ghanaian produces an amount of filth equivalent to a tin of Milo daily, translating to 1.9 kg of waste per person per day. 

With Ghana's population at thirty-two million, this amounts to a significant daily waste generation.

In his interview on the Ghana Yensom morning show, hosted by Otafrigya Kaayire Kwesi Apea-Apreku on Accra 100.5 FM on Monday, May 27, 2024, Mr. Frimpong emphasized the collective responsibility in managing waste. 

He highlighted the necessity for every individual to contribute to waste management efforts in the country.

Mr. Frimpong also addressed the challenges posed by the rainy season, urging Ghanaians to refrain from indiscriminate littering. 

He condemned the habit of pouring waste into open gutters during rainfall, emphasizing that this practice should be abandoned.

In preparation for the rainy season and to combat flooding, Zoomlion, in partnership with other stakeholders, is set to distribute bins nationwide, he revealed.

 This initiative aims to facilitate the easy collection of waste, ensuring a cleaner environment for all.

"Effective waste management is a shared responsibility," said Mr. Frimpong. 

"We must all play our part in keeping our communities clean, especially during the rainy season, to prevent flooding and other environmental hazards."

The distribution of bins is a crucial step in Zoomlion's ongoing efforts to enhance waste management infrastructure and promote responsible waste disposal practices across Ghana.

Source: Mensah