Sunday, 21 July

Initially-rejected Rasta brainiac part of Achimota school's NSMQ team

General News
Achimota School students with Tyrone Marhguy on the right

Tyrone Marhguy, one of the two dreadlocked students, who had to fight their way to Achimota High School through the court, is among the school's team for this year's national science and maths quiz.

Mr Marghuy and Oheneba Nkrabeah was denied admission to the school for wearing dreadlocks but won a court fight that compelled the school to accept him with his hairdo.

On Friday, 2 June 2023, the school posted a photo of Marghuy and his other NSMQ team members on social media along with the text: "#AchimotaAt96 Last month, our @nsmqghana team participated in a trial session as we prepare for the upcoming quiz season. We encourage all members of our community to reach out to the team and help equip them for a successful season."

After winning the contest in 2004, Achimota School has not been able to lift the NSMQ trophy for almost two decades.