Monday, 17 June

LMW calls on president to address illegal activities at Adamus Mining

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Solomon Owusu addresing the press in Accra

The Lands and Mining Watch Ghana (LMWG), a Civil Society Organization dedicated to promoting responsible and sustainable mining practices, has petitioned President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to intervene in the ongoing controversy surrounding Adamus Mining. 

The organization has raised serious concerns over the alleged illegal activities of Nguvu Mining Limited and influential political figures, which they claim undermine the rule of law and Ghana’s interests in the mining sector.

 According to the LMW, Adamus Mining, 90% owned by Adamus Australia and 10% by the Government of Ghana, is currently embroiled in a legal dispute following the purported sale of the majority stake to Nguvu Mining Limited, a Mauritius-registered company.

‘’ The sale has been challenged on the grounds that the signatory to the share transfer agreement was neither a director nor an officer of Adamus Mining, thus lacking the authority to authorize the sale, Mr Solomon Owusu, the Convener of LMW  said at a press conference in Accra

He noted that in response to the legal turmoil, the Accra High Court instituted an Interim Management Committee (IMC) on March 1, 2024, to oversee the company’s operations and manage its revenues until the dispute is resolved. 

However, LMWG alleges that Nguvu Mining has flagrantly disregarded the court’s directives by continuing to ship gold without the IMC’s approval.

‘’The IMC’s efforts to assume control have been thwarted multiple times, with Ghana Police Service officers allegedly withdrawing their support at critical moments due to “orders from above.” 

LMWG also accuses influential political figures, including former Lands and Natural Resources Minister John Peter Amewu, of interfering with the IMC’s work. 

Furthermore, the Attorney- General’s office is said to have provided questionable advice to Nguvu Mining and Angela List, the company’s alleged associate, regarding the impact of an injunction application, he continued.

LMWG is particularly appalled by allegations that Angela List and her associates are attempting to illegally export over $7 million worth of gold from Adamus Resources, despite the ongoing legal injunction, he revealed.

 The organization believes these actions undermine public trust in law enforcement and jeopardize Ghana’s 10% stake in the mining company.

In their petition, LMWG urges President Akufo-Addo to fulfill his Constitutional duties and uphold the rule of law in the mining sector. 

The organization emphasizes the importance of transparency, accountability, and legal adherence for the sustainable management of Ghana’s natural resources and the equitable distribution of their benefits.

LMWG calls for immediate and resolute action to address the alleged impunity of Angela List and her accomplices. 

He stressed that the government must assert its authority to protect Ghana’s interests in Adamus Resources and ensure that justice prevails.

The Civil Society Organization believes that addressing these issues is crucial to restoring confidence in Ghana’s justice system and promoting proper mining practices in the country.

The group has attached the High Court Orders and the Attorney- General’s advice to their petition, seeking prompt intervention from the presidency to resolve the matter and protect Ghana’s mining interests.

Source: Mensah