Monday, 26 February

Labour unions applaud Mahama's 24-hour economy initiative, urge clarity on policy details

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Labour unions applaud 24-hour economy

Several labour unions in the country have expressed support for former President John Dramani Mahama's proposal to implement a 24-hour economy if re-elected in the 2024 polls.

The unions, representing various sectors, believe the policy has the potential to benefit the country by expanding the job market.

However, some are urging Mr Mahama to provide more details on the initiative.

Speaking on the Class Morning Show on Class91.3FM, Takyi Addo, Head of Communication of the Abossey Okai Spare Parts Dealers Association said "Our association members are embracing this 24-hour economy. It is a good policy. However, we do not know the details, so we want John Mahama to give us the specifics."

David Agboado, Communication Head of the Concerned Drivers Association noted, " When the 24-hour economy comes we have an exporting company that work eight hours so we take the workers to work at dawn and their arrival time is 6am and 2pm they close, and we bring another batch that starts from 2:30pm and end at 10pm. But if the 24-hour economy comes, when they close at 10pm, we will have another shift going until the following morning, so when we bring the morning shift, we will send the 10pm batch home and so it will be a chain and as I talk to you 70 cars are working there but when 24-hour economy comes, it will be doubled making it 120 cars”.

Samson Awingobit, Executive Secretary Importers and Exporters Association added "The idea of a 24-hour economy is superb. I want to go to the ministry of trade at 3 am, and someone will be there. Mahama has said it, and I’m sure they will come out with the details."

Dr. Shiraz Issahaku, President Ghana Federation of Allied Health Professionals also said "This is excellent news. We’ve been calling for a time when patients can access services 24/7. Health is not an event; it’s a process, and we must have those accessibilities."

Edward Karewe, Executive Secretary, General Agriculture Workers’ Union indicated that “if you look at the challenge of unemployment, it all comes from the economy because the economy is not expanding enough to absorb the teeming youth that enter the employment phase so anything that can allow the economy to run faster than it is today will lead to generation of more jobs”.

President of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr. Frank Serebour, welcomed the news but highlighted the need for the government to reconsider salary structures.

He emphasised the importance of determining hourly rates and addressing compensation for working during weekends, public holidays, and overnight shifts.

In Dr. Frank Serebour's perspective, “It is worth considering, but that will also mean we will have to consider how we pay people. If we want to do a 24-hour economy, it means we should begin to look at how we pay people per hour. So if we want to have a 24-hour economy conversation, then we should expand it to include that so that we can be more productive, and people will earn what they work for.”


Source: Mensah