Monday, 15 April

On moral grounds, I ensure staff disconnection: ECG Manager

General News
Ms Christina Jatoe-Kaleo

Ms Christina Jatoe-Kaleo, the Regional Manager of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) in the Volta/Oti regions, has emphasised her commitment to personally monitoring and ensuring that ECG staff within her jurisdiction pay for their electricity consumption. 

She stated that it is essential for ECG employees to lead by example and promptly settle their bills to maintain moral authority when dealing with defaulting customers.

To enforce this, she said she actively checks and communicates with staff members to remind them to settle their bills.

During an interview on Ho 92.5 FM's Adanu Morning Show, Ms Jatoe-Kaleo clarified that every ECG worker is expected to pay their bills, dispelling the misconception that ECG staff do not pay for their electricity consumption.

In addition to promoting timely bill payments, she emphasised the importance of protecting ECG's properties and installations. 

Ms Jatoe-Kaleo urged communities to cooperate in safeguarding facilities such as transformers, conductors, cables, and poles.

 She highlighted the significant operational costs incurred by the company to replace damaged infrastructure.

Furthermore, Ms Jatoe-Kaleo cautioned the public about fraudulent activities targeting ECG customers.

She advised people to be cautious of individuals who use phone calls to deceive and defraud them in the name of ECG. 

She specifically warned against unscrupulous individuals exploiting the company's app to scam customers and urged the public to remain vigilant against such activities.

Source: Mensah