Sunday, 21 July

E/R: MCE worried over increasing levels of HIV/AIDS at Kwahu

Health News
Mr Emmanuel Atta Ofori Snr

Kwahu South Municipal Assembly in the Eastern Region has held its first ordinary meeting of the fourth session of the Assembly held at Kwahu Mpraeso, the municipal capital.

In the sessional address, delivered by the Municipal Chief Executive, Mr Emmanuel Atta Ofori Snr, touched on many issues confronting the municipality such as social services, mass education, sanitation, security, and health among others.

Mr Atta Ofori Snr looked at the health report and said HIV/AIDS cases continue to increase in the municipality. 

He said between 2021 and 2022 the municipality experienced an increase of 62% in HIV and AIDS cases among general age groups. 

He added that in 2022 alone, of a total of 5,567 people who availed themselves to be tested, 192 tested positive.

He said males comprised 65 and females 127.

He noted that the municipality has laid down control activities including awareness creation.

He implored everyone to get tested to know whether he or she is infected or not and to take the necessary steps to start treatment and reduce the likelihood of spreading it.

He finally stated that the Kwahu enclave has been marked a high-risk area for contracting HIV/AIDS according to the report.

Source: Mensah