Thursday, 18 April

GMA announces new designations

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Doctors to wear designation tags

In a move aimed at upholding patients' rights and safety, the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has announced a new designation for Medical Doctors and Dentists in Ghana, effective January 1, 2024.

This decision was reached during the 6th  Annual General Assembly (AGM) held in November 2023 in the Takoradi metropolis of the Western Region.

The official statement, jointly signed by the President, Dr (Med) Frank Serebour, and the General Secretary, Dr (Dent) Richard Selormey, dated January 3, 2024, outlined the new designations. 

Henceforth, Medical Doctors will be designated as Dr (Med), while Dentists or Dental Surgeons will use Dr (Dent).

The GMA emphasised that Medical Doctors and Dentists holding additional academic titles should prefix these titles accordingly. 

For instance, individuals with professional rank appointments or a PhD qualification may use designations such as Prof Dr (Med), Prof Dr Dr (Med), Dr Dr (Med), Prof Dr (Dent), or Dr Dr (Dent) as applicable.

The association further urged all practising medical doctors and dentists in Ghana to take note of this change and promptly update their name tags, practitioner stamps, and other relevant materials to reflect the newly introduced designations.

This patient-centric decision aligns with international standards and underscores the GMA's commitment to ensuring clarity and transparency in professional titles within the medical and dental fields.

Source: Mensah