Thursday, 18 April

H4P marks anniversary by screening members of Akropong School for the Blind

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Bishop Dr Charles Cofie Hackman making a presentation to the mangement of Akropong School for the Blind

In a poignant display of compassion and community service, the Here for Perfection Organisation (H4P), under the leadership of Bishop Dr Charles Cofie Hackman, organised a free health screening programme for the staff, teachers, and students of the Akropong School for the Blind in the Eastern Region.

This initiative, named the 'Celebration of Love,' was dedicated to commemorating the first anniversary of the passing of the Late Mrs Christina Anansiwa Hackman, mother of the Chief Executive Officer of the H4P Organisation.

The 'Celebration of Love' was part of a series of projects initiated by H4P in honour of the memory of Mrs Christina Anansiwa Hackman. 

The first event took place at the Tetteh-Ocloo State School for the Deaf in the Greater Accra Region, followed by a second event at the With God Cerebral Palsy Centre in Winneba, Central Region. 

The third and most recent event was hosted at the Akropong School for the Blind, situated in the scenic Akuapem range.

The health screening programme, was a testament to the organisation's commitment to holistic well-being, and offered a range of essential services tailored to the unique needs of the visually impaired community. 

Services included eye screening, dental screening, hearing assessments, ear cleaning, malaria testing, and general medical consultations. 

The goal was to ensure that individuals facing financial challenges and disability setbacks received the care they deserved, including free medications.

A dedicated team of professionals, including ophthalmologists, dentists, and audiologists from the Centre for Hearing and Speech Services at the University of Education, Winneba, spearheaded the health screening.

A focal point of the health screening was eye care, recognising the importance of visual health for the students of the Akropong School for the Blind. 

The screening aimed not only to detect potential vision issues but also to promptly provide corrective measures, enhancing the overall quality of life for the students.

The 'Celebration of Love' health screening went beyond mere medical intervention; it served as a symbol of empathy, understanding, and community support.

Profound gratitude was expressed by students, staff, and teachers who had faced challenges in seeking medical attention due to financial constraints and disability-related obstacles.

As the H4P Organisation continues to embody its mission of being 'Here for Perfection,' the 'Celebration of Love' stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Mrs Christina Anansiwa Hackman and the organisation's unwavering commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it the most.

Source: Mensah