Friday, 08 December

Korle Bu dialysis fees hike: Our leaders are level one thinkers who take Ghanaians for idiots – Kofi Koranteng

Health News
Independent Presidential candidate Kofi Koranteng

Independent Presidential candidate Kofi Koranteng has taken a swipe at the Korle Bu Teaching hospital for putting up a notice informing renal dialysis patients about the hike in prices from GHS380 to GHS765.42. 

Mr Koranteng, who is of the opinion that the current government runs the country, like a “Banana Republic” described the country’s leaders as “level one” thinkers otherwise, why would a hospital put up a notice to inform about the price hikes when the prices are yet to receive approval.

“Everyday of my life, I have to prove to myself that the leadership we have are not just cowards in their thinking but level one thinkers who takes Ghanaians for idiots.

“How could you possibly not get an approval and enforce it in front of your door that this is mandatory if  you want to live basically,” the independent presidential candidate intimated while speaking the Class Morning Show, Thursday, 28 September 2023.

According to the Independent Presidential candidate, the country’s Food and Drugs Authority(FDA), is to be blamed for the upsurge in kidney failure and problems as a solution meant for embalming people is being used for alcohol production for consumption.

 “A service that should be free for Ghanaians, a service that has come about because of the neglect of our Health Service and our Food and Drugs Authority (FDA). Because Ethanol which should be the base for alcohol production is now methanol which is poisonous,” Mr Koranteng noted.

He called on Ghanaians to oust the current government in the upcoming 2024 elections emphasising that the most ridiculous thing they can do as citizens after the polls is to celebrate the win of the governing NPP or the main opposition, National Democratic Congress (NDC). 

Mr Koranteng said: “Is very upsetting and if Ghanaians are sitting down not paying attention and saying let’s party up and consider these two jokers … for a position again in a new world order, then Ghanaians are not thinking right.

“The problem is not NDC NPP the problem is for us who go and vote for them, rally in the street and shout and scream and pour powder for celebration when they win. That’s the most ridiculous thing that any citizen can live for and this is what we do and that’s why they take us for idiots.”

He also indicated his intentions to contest the 2024 Elections indicating that he is the “only candidate who can save Ghana.”  

“Let’s organise ourselves for a 2024 blow-out, that’s all” urging Ghanaians to vote for him in the 2024 polls in order to teach the current government and the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) a lesson as demonstrations will not necessary change situations,” Mr Koranteng urged.

Meanwhile, the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) has clarified that the price adjustment of renal dialysis from GHS380 to GHS765.42 is yet to receive consideration and approval from the Ministry of Health and subsequent parliamentary endorsement.

In a statement, the hospital management acknowledged the concerns regarding the affordability of renal dialysis and assured the public that the revised fee would only be implemented after obtaining the necessary parliamentary approval.

They emphasised their understanding of the challenges faced by renal dialysis patients and expressed commitment to work with stakeholders and philanthropists to subsidise dialysis reagents and services, as they have been doing over the years.