Wednesday, 17 April

Lifestyle diseases lead mortality cases at Eastern Regional Hospital

Health News
Eastern Regional Hospital

Many people are dying from lifestyle diseases than communicable ones at the Eastern Regional Hospital.

The Medical Superintendent, Dr. Arko Akoto Ampaw made the revelation during the 2023 Annual Performance Review held in the regional capital, Koforidua.

“We did mention that CV or strokes are the number one cause of mortality in the Eastern Regional Hospital and did also allude to the fact that when you look at the data, there is a shift in the pattern of mortality from communicable diseases, as we had, to non-communicable diseases", he noted. 

"What that means is that what kills people is not something that can be transferred to others," he explained. 

He said: "Lifestyle diseases such as stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and others have now taken the lead.”