Thursday, 18 April

Residents praise Wuoyeman Assemblyman for health interventions

Health News
Beneficiaries of Hon Patrick Awuku's health insurance campaign at Vogna and Abotare

The residents of Vogan and Abotare, both nestled in the Wuoyeman Electoral Area of the Okaikwei Central Constituency in the Greater Accra Region, have extended their heartfelt and unquantified gratitude to Mr Patrick Awuku, the Assemblyman for the area, for his compassionate intervention in addressing their health-related concerns. 

The community members expressed their appreciation for his initiative to facilitate the renewal of their National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) cards and registration free of charge.

It was meant for the whole electoral area not only Vogan and Abotare areas

In a collective message, the people of Vogan and Abotare conveyed their appreciation to Mr Patrick Awuku, acknowledging his commitment to the well-being of the community. 

According to the residents, the Assembly member who is seeking re-election in the December 19 District Level Elections (DLE), has contributed to ensuring that they have access to essential health services without the burden of financial constraints.

The message penned by their spokesperson, Korsi Amedekah, reads: "We have vowed to throw our support in the direction of the Honourable assembly member come 19th December 2023". 

In a message directly addressed to Mr Awuku, the community members emphasised: "Thank you very much for your kind gesture; we appreciate it."

Source: Mensah