Friday, 31 March

Lack of investment in educational sector responsible for our inability to produce innovative graduates – Akpaloo

Leader of the Liberty Party

Founder and leader of the Liberty Party, Percival Kofi Akpaloo has blamed the inability of Ghanaians to be innovative in the manufacturing sector on the lack of proper investment in the county’s educational system.

“Over here, we don’t invest properly in our education,” he told CTV’s Nana Otu Darko on Dwabre Mu, Thursday, 2 February 2023.

The Liberty Party founder indicated that for the country’s graduates to be able to compete with graduates in other parts of the world who are able to manufacture technological gadgets among others, there must be proper investment made into the educational sector.

“This phone, was made by assembling things together so what we do is, government should be able to get about 1000 or 10,000 pieces of phones to make available to any child here who goes to technical school.

“When you give it to the students, then they dismantle it completely and assemble it again, to see if it works properly, that is education. Like automobile, you invest in cars, give it to the students to disassemble and reassemble it, that’s how to learn, it involves a lot of practice.”

He indicated that such investment in the educational sector will afford students the opportunity to learn and relearn and make them perfect in the end. 

“The more they dismantle and reassemble the more they know what to do to make the thing work properly, the more they disassemble and reassemble, the more you practice the more you become perfect.”

The Liberty Party founder further noted that the language used to deliver lessons in the various schools also needs to be looked at critically to ensure the students understand what is being taught, while making proper investments into the area of technology education.

 “We want to impart into the kids and invest properly into education in the area of technology. So the computers that we cannot manufacture, the students have to dismantle and reassemble, in order to learn. The computer programmes have to be taught at an early stage at the basic school level. Students have to begin learning more practical things.

“In my town Assin, the students were using stones and other things in place of a mouse to learn computing, so the children have not even seen the real computer before yet they are expected to write exams.”

According to Mr Akpaloo, if given the nod to govern the country, his party will scrap the boarding house system of schooling.

“God willing when we assume the reigns of governance in this country, we’ll do away with the boarding house system. The boarding house is a waste of money if you want to go to the boarding house, you go to an international school,” he stressed.

He intimated that: “Government has to assist the private schools to put up Senior High Schools in addition to their infrastructure on the same campus, so the students continue school right there. So you the child does not have to move out to another school.

Source: Adiku