Sunday, 21 July

B.J. da Rocha apologised for 'loose cannon, disruptive factor, stumbling block' comment before death – Alan Kyerematen

Alan Kyerematen

Mr Alan Kyerematen has said before his death, B. J. da Rocha, a former chairman of the New Patriotic Party, "called consistently to apologise" to him for saying he (Mr Kyerematen) would be "a disruptive factor, a stumbling block, and a loose canon if accepted back into the fold of the NPP" following his 2008 resignation after the internal flagbearer race.

Speaking on UTV, Mr Kyerematen, who has, again, resigned from the NPP to pursue a solo presidential ambition, said da Rocha felt sorry for thise comments later.

"I had just met da Rocha in Accra on my way to Kumasi and when I arrived, he had already granted an interview calling me a disruptive factor," Mr Kyerematen recalled.

"When I had the opportunity, I confronted him frontally and asked him if he was serious at all because I felt as an elderly person, he should have known better. I told him he acted in bad faith. Later on, he called consistently to apologise before his death", Mr Kyerematen said.

Announcing his resignation and solo move, Mr Kyerematen said: "My decision to contest as an independent candidate will not destroy the party, but instead provide the party an opportunity to participate in a government of national unity in the future, and avoid the risk of going into opposition with no dividends, in what arguably will be a difficult general election in 2024".