Monday, 24 June

Fulanis threaten to sue EC if they’re stopped from registering

Fulani Chiefs with President Nana Akufo-Addo

The leaders of the Fulani community in Ghana have said that they will sue the Electoral Commission if any of the election management body’s officials attempts stopping any Ghanaian Fulani, who is eligible to vote, from taking part in the ongoing voter registration exercise.

A statement issued by the group, Tabital Pulaaku International Ghana Chapter, and co-signed by General Secretary Yakubu Musa Barry and Organiser Ahmed Barry, said the rights of Fulanis have been trampled for far too long as far as national exercises such as the voter registration are concerned, adding that they “will not sit down” for the same thing to continue.

“We are always intimidated, maltreated and always denied our right but not this time”, the group said in the statement, stating: “This is a strong warning to EC officials and individuals who will prevent Ghanaian Fulanis from registering or going through the process”.

“They will have to prove that in court”, the statement said.

Apart from the EC, the Fulani community also warned all the representatives of the various political parties who will be policing the process that “they should never attempt to deny any qualified Ghanaian Fulani” the chance to “go through the process”.

The statement urged all qualified Ghanaian Fulanis “to go out in their numbers to register”, and advised them “to adhere to all the protocols and guidelines surrounding the registration”.