Wednesday, 17 April

I’ll confront corruption and ease tax burden – Alan

Alan Kyerematen

The leader and founder for the Movement for Change, Alan Kyeramaten has stated that he will confront corruption and ease tax burdens on Ghanaians if voted into power in the December 7th elections.

In a Facebook post today, Thursday, 29th February, 2024, he announced that “I’m unwavering in my pledge to confront corruption head-on and alleviate the tax burden on our citizens.”

“If entrusted with leadership, I will prioritise the implementation of robust anti-corruption measures to promote transparency and accountability within our government to diminish the necessity for excessive taxation.” Mr. Kyerematen assured.

He also acknowledged the high cost of transportation and the pressing need to address these economic challenges.

The leader and founder for Movement for Change stated that he would address these economic challenges “by significantly reducing and ultimately removing duties on imported spare parts, we can lower operational expenses for transport enterprises, resulting in decreased lorry fares and ultimately contributing to reduced prices for essential commodities, including food.”

“Together, we can forge a brighter future for all, free from corruption and with a lighter tax burden on our people,” he concluded.










Source: Amoanimaa Osei