Sunday, 23 June

MP Refutes claims of recruitment backlog in security agencies

Army recruits

The National Democratic Congress Member of Parliament for Wa West Constituency in the Upper West Region, Mr. Peter Lanchene Toobu, has downplayed the reported backlog in the recruitment of personnel into Ghana's security agencies. 

According to Mr. Toobu, the assertions made by Interior Minister Henry Quartey regarding the backlog are entirely untrue.

Mr. Toobu, who serves as a Member of the Interior and Defence Committee of Parliament, stated during an interview on the Ghana Yensom morning show, hosted by Otafrigya Kaayire Kwesi Appea-Apreku on Accra 100.5 FM on Monday, May 27, 2024, that he is well-informed about the recruitment processes within the security agencies. "As a member of the Interior and Defence Committee of Parliament, I am aware there is no backlog of recruitment," he said.

He elaborated that there is no backlog of recruitment for the Ghana Army, the Police Service, the Fire Service, or the Immigration Service. 

The MP clarified that while the Police Service did have a backlog, those recruits are currently undergoing training.

Mr. Toobu criticized Minister Quartey's claims of a backlog, suggesting it could be a tactic to justify secret recruitment that might become evident in the Minority Leader’s claims that all New Patriotic Party Parliamentary Candidates have been allocated thirty slots.

He emphasized the dangers of politicizing the security sector in a democratic society, warning that such actions could undermine the nation's security infrastructure.

"You don’t politicize the security sector in a democracy," he cautioned, adding that it could destroy the country’s security fabric.

Source: Mensah