Sunday, 21 July

Many NPP members've resigned in their hearts and just waiting to walk away from us at the ballot box – Boakye Agayarko

Former Energy Minister, Boakye Agyarko

A former Energy Minister and flagbearer aspirant in the recently-held governing New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) Super Delegates Conference, Mr Boakye Agyarko, has said the resignation of former Trades Minister Alan Kyerematen from the party must serve as a sufficient notice to party faithfuls, which ought to lead the party to deep introspection rather than a time for gloating or the display of “triumphalist arrogance”. 

Mr Agyarko is of the opinion that the history of the NPP’s tradition must teach the party that the consequences of events “such as has now befallen the party since the heady days of 1951 to date have always been negative, casting a deep and lingering shadow on the party’s electoral fortunes".

In a statement reacting to Mr Kyerematen’s resignation, the former Energy Minister quizzed: “At least my brother Kyerematen has put his thoughts and feelings on paper for all to appreciate. How about the many who habour similar and maybe more petulant sentiments in their hearts but are not openly expressing same.”

Mr Agyarko further noted that there are people within the NPP who may also share in the resigned NPP flagbearer aspirant’s sentiments whose grievances may only be evident during the ballot.

“There are many in our party today who have, out of dismay, resigned in their hearts and are only waiting to walk away from us at the ballot box,” he stated.

Hence, according to the former Energy Minister, “now is the time to smoothen ruffled feathers and assuage wounded sentiments across the length and breath” of the NPP. 

“Now is the time to examine ourselves if indeed we are true and faithful to the tenets of the UP tradition or we have metamorphosed into an ugly shadow what we should be. These must become the urgent task ahead of us,” Mr Agyarko added.

Mr Agyarko pulled out of the NPP race following an announcement that only members of the National Council would participate in the voting process.

The NPP decided to convene its National Council as an electoral college in order to resolve the tie between Mr Agyarko and his fellow competitor, Mr Francis Addai-Nimoh.

Source: Adiku