Friday, 08 December

NPP supreme – Afeku breaks ties with Alan's solo frolic

Mrs Afeku was in Mr Kyerematen's corner up until he withdrew from the race

Former Tourism Minister Catharine Afeku has untied herself from the campaign team of Mr Alan Kyerematen after the presidential aspirant resigned from the New Patriotic Party to pursue a solo campaign as an independent candidate.

Mrs Afeku was in Mr Kyerematen's corner up until he withdrew from the race.

She told journalists in Accra: "I am a loyal patriot, and I am in the party. The party is supreme. We are the NPP".

She is not the only one to have distanced herself from Mr Kyerematen's lone ambition.

Deputy Finance Minister Abena Osei-Asare, also did so recently.

In a statement, she said: “First and foremost, while I enjoy both a personal and professional relationship with Hon. Alan Kyerematen, characterised by mutual respect and a shared commitment to our nation’s progress, I must respectfully distance myself from his recent choice."

“My dedication to the New Patriotic Party is deep-seated, rooted in our shared values and vision for a prosperous Ghana. The NPP’s strength has always been its unity and our ability to work together for the common good of our country.”

Also, all the NPP MPs that supported Mr Kyerematen say they can ot go on a solo frolic with him.

Furthermore, Mr Kyerematen's northern regional team has cut ties with him as well.

At a press conference in Tamale on Tuesday, 26 September 2023, Mr Chabite Moses Moye, an administrator of the Alan campaign team in the region, said: “All signs show that the vice president, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, who is also contesting, will win. We have to work for the party. We will surely work with him and make sure that he gets the nod and continue to work for NPP to win power in 2024".

Mr. Chabite noted that "former supporters of Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen’s presidential candidacy of NPP are here today to express our profound disappointment with Mr Kyerematen". 

"We, as individuals, have steadfastly believed in Alan within our party. We have diligently supported his campaign and believe in his potential to lead NPP. However, Alan chose to withdraw from the race without prior notice, citing isolated incidents of violence after our special delegates’ conference. This decision has inflicted unnecessary hardship on us because we firmly believe that the grassroots was firmly behind him", he explained, adding: "We were shocked and dismayed when he withdrew from the November presidential election".

“We can only describe this action as cowardly, and a betrayal of his loyal supporters. Today, we think of the party first, our support for him was rooted in NPP and not as an individual. We were shocked by his resignation from NPP, and some of us were disappointed. We will not betray our party, we remain NPP".