Monday, 26 February

Yilo Krobo: Disregard acclamation of Dr Richard Twum-Baraimah – NPP Parliamentary aspirant

This disputed acclamation of the NPP parliamentary aspirant for Yilo -K


The 2020 Parliamentary Candidate for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr Francis Appertey, is urging his supporters to dismiss the purported acclamation of Dr Richard Twum-Barimah Koranteng as the party's candidate for the 2024 general elections.

Mr Appertey revealed that he became aware of a "Letter of Acclamation – Yilo Korobo Constituency," allegedly signed by the Constituency Secretary, Kwashie Davies Adamtey, convening an emergency extraordinary delegates conference on Thursday, November 23, 2023. 

In a statement dated November 22, 2023, Mr Appertey declared that the announcement of acclamation lacked any lawful authority and should be ignored entirely.

He contested the legitimacy of the statement, pointing out that the Constituency Secretary erroneously cited Article 11(5)(a) of the NPP Constitution, which does not exist.

According to Mr Appertey, Article 11 pertains to the removal from office, while Article 12(2) addresses the nomination period for parliamentary primaries. 

Neither article supports the acclamation of a sole candidate, as claimed by the Constituency Secretary.

Mr Appertey emphasised that he, along with Dr Richard Twum-Barimah Koranteng, filed nominations to contest in the Yilo Krobo parliamentary primary, adhering to the party's rules and regulations for the conduct of orphan parliamentary primaries.

As a law-abiding member and the 2016 and 2020 parliamentary candidate in Yilo-Krobo, Mr Appertey distanced himself from the scheduled unlawful acclamation set for November 23, 2023. 

He called on all party supporters to boycott the illegitimate exercise until the National Executive Committee (NEC) makes a definitive decision.

Source: Mensah