Friday, 24 May

YEA boss bemoans inadequate funding at Impact Hub in New York

YEA boss in New York

In a compelling address at Impact Hub in New York, the Chief Executive Officer of the Youth Employment Agency (YEA), Mr Kofi Agyepong, captured the attention of a diverse global audience, underscoring the organisation's unwavering commitment to tackling youth unemployment across the sub-Saharan region.

Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of the event, he illuminated the challenges faced by YEA in securing adequate funding, emphasising the necessity for innovative strategies to address this pressing issue. 

Notably, he highlighted initiatives such as the Community Protection Assistants, Community Health Workers, and Prison Office Assistants, showcasing the agency's collaborative efforts with esteemed partners like Afarinick, Inzag, insurance companies, and Guinness Ghana Limited.

The key focus of Mr Agyepong's presentation was the transformative impact of YEA's Business & Employment Assistance Programme (BEAP), set to provide crucial salary support to over 10,000 businesses directly. 

Additionally, the agency's dedication to bolstering the garment industry was underscored, citing the empowering over 500 Micro, Medium, and Small-Scale apparel companies alongside 40 major garment enterprises, providing extensive training opportunities in dress-making.

Mr Agyepong emphasised YEA's dedication to skills development, noting the pride in overseeing the training of approximately 10,000 youth across ten distinct trade areas, laying the groundwork for lifelong empowerment.

Despite the challenges ahead, he reiterated YEA's steadfast commitment to reshaping Ghana's employment landscape, pledging to continue spearheading efforts to eradicate unemployment, one success story at a time.

Source: Mensah