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Anti-LGBTQIA+ Bill: You don't want polygamy, we don't want homosexuality – Prophet Emmanuel Adjei to The West

Prophet Emmanuel Adjei

Prophet Emmanuel Adjei has reacted to the passage of the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill in Parliament, yesterday.

He spoke on Accra 100.5 FM’s midmorning show, Ayekoo Ayekoo, Thursday, February 29, 2024.

The founder of the Prophetic Prayer Palace International, Spintex, he upheld Ghana’s sovereignty as a republic of 67 years. He argued for the nation’s right to defend and safeguard its traditions and culture.

Though a Christian, Prophet Adjei observed Islam and African Traditional Religions favour polygamy “but if you go to the USA and marry two people together, you’ll be jailed”.

He wondered if America would compromise its stance on polygamy just because Africans protested.

“It is a cultural thing. We say we don’t want LGBTQIA+. I feel they should respect our laws,” Prophet Adjei landed his point.

In light of Ms Virginia Palmer, the US Ambassador to Ghana, bemoaning the passing of the so called Anti-LGBTQIA+ Bill, which awaits assent from President Nana Akufo-Addo, the Prophetic Prayer Palace International General Overseer recalled an Akan proverb.

“You came to work, you simply came to light fire [for cooking] and so it is not your place to examine the soup and what’s therein. Light the fire and go to your house,” he said.

He argued “it is not everything that is seen as a matter of rights [even] to you [Americans].

“We insist this is what we want. Respect our laws, respect our morals, respect what we think is right.”

On The West denying Ghana loans, and other economic repercussions, in light of the controversial bill, he challenged African leaders to rise up and see this as an opportunity to “build our nations”. Eventually, he added, “Africa will be better than America because all the resources that feed America, Europe and Asia are in Africa.”

He emphasised there is an urgent need for “a new breed of leadership who are not self-centred and selfish”.

He noted the importance of a responsible citizenry, also.

Ghana is overladen with resources, what is left is only “good leaders. If we have good leaders and good citizens, we will know no suffering and hardship,” he urged.

Prophet Adjei said, “according to a research I made, I was shocked to learn these Americans are behind a lot of foreign business here”.

He gave the impression Ghana could cunningly leverage this knowledge, as a trump card, in the face of all threats and intimidation from The West.

Source: Benjamin