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Coded (4x4) begs young music acts to invest monies in small businesses with time as their advantage

Ghanaian music star Coded of the Hiplife group 4x4

One third of the star Hiplife group 4x4, Coded, has spoken about his regrets for not investing the constant flow of money he enjoyed at the height of his career and popularity.

In a footage posted to Accra-based Hitz FM's YouTube page, Wednesday, March 29, 2023, the singer was asked to advise young music makers.

"I'd beg them to invest their money into some business," he passionately answered slapping his left palm with the back of his right hand.

"They should start up some cool, slow business on the side," he stressed.

"I'd really beg them because they're young and when they start the business so young, by the time they get to 35 to 40, that business [would] be huge.

He encouraged young music acts to "invest in the most little thing," for instance, give it time, and "take your mind off it."

So they can, perhaps, concentrate on their craft, he advised that the said small business should be given to credible and competent people - "the right directors" who would be "controlling and moving everything for you" the artiste.

He emphasised his point by saying: "I'm saying this thing from a good experience."

Coded said he is "jealous and envious of young guys" in their 20s "that are doing business," because by their 30s, "their businesses would be very huge."

He beseeched young musicians to make investments in their heyday and not get distracted by the pleasures of acquiring the best of clothing, popularity, "the girls to tap," and such. 

He suggested a business venture in the food and hospitality industry. 

"You can even open a small pub," he said. "There are millions of ideas that you can push your money [into] that you can make your family or somebody manage for you."

"That's the only thing I have to say," he reclined in his chair.

Coded, born Russell Edem Avornyo, was in conversation with Doreen Avio of Accra-based Hitz FM, at his new Coded Cafe.

He spoke about his "big regrets."

Speaking in the Ga language, he laughed and said he would have honestly insulted anyone who had come to advise him to invest money when "I was in my prime," getting "all the money; seeing the money every weekend, playing shows, playing events..." 

Repeating that it is a great regret, the 'E Dey Pain Dem (They Are Pained)' hitmaker consoled himself reasoning that: "maybe this is the right time [and perhaps] I needed to go through that process to get to this point." 

Source: Benjamin