Tuesday, 23 July

Congo: Mute rap performer goes viral

Congolese artiste MC Baba

The internet's new sensation is a rapper who happens to be mute. 

MC Baba is from the Republic of Congo and has won the attention of the online community and music lovers for venturing into Hiphop despite his disabilities. 

In fact, MC Baba has a hit titled Oko Lela Epa Ya Nani. 

Meanwhile, several publications have hailed him as Africa's first deaf and dumb rapper. 

Social media, however, is divided over the phenomenon. While some recognise art is not just about reflecting norms, but also about breaking the mould and doing the unconventional, and, thus, are amazed and inspired by MC Baba's efforts, others cannot hold back laughter, receiving the news as a stunt or joke. Others, still, think this is all a flash in the pan and will soon be forgotten. 

A Facebook user also suggested MC Baba should rap using sign language. 


The screeching and stifled screams of MC Baba's effort at rap will surely be subjected to much more scrutiny, especially in a genre that, over 50 years, has celebrated rhyme schemes, poetry, wit, bravado, lexicon-enriching language, etc. However, Hiphop is not only about words. Its history proves it also rewards personalities who challenge the status quo and use creative marketing to their advantage. 

Perhaps MC Baba and his handlers have a plan in store to make sure he is not a one-trick pony and that is why we are witnessing this spectacle in the first place. Apart from his rap efforts, he clearly also has a fashion sense and swagger which is in step with Hiphop culture.

As the proverb goes in Ghana, "a blind man who threatens violence has already earmarked a stone with his foot".

Source: classfmonline.com/Prince Benjamin