Thursday, 18 April

GMA, USA CEO: Stop the exorbitant fees, engage more Ghanaian event organisers for your own good

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Music Awards, USA, Dennis Boafo

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana Music Awards, USA, Dennis Boafo, has lamented how Ghanaian musicians favour foreign event organisers over their own countrymen in the diaspora. 

According to Mr Boafo, Ghanaian music acts like to engage Nigerian event organisers more than anyone else but they seem not to be aware that these Nigerians only have their countrymen's interests at heart.

He was speaking on the Entertainment Capital programme on Accra 100.5 FM, Saturday, December 3, 2022.

"They work for their artistes, that's what you don't get [understand]," he passionately said. "The Nigerian [event organisers] you respect so much, they work for their artistes."

"They are working for Burna Boy, they are working for Davido and the others," he added and stressed: "They will not sell [advertise] you [a foreigner] more than them [Nigerian artistes]."

This "is what they are not learning. These our [Ghanaian] artistes only talk and blab. They are not learning. They think they are smart, no, you're not," Mr Boafo admonished. 

He bemoaned Ghanaian artistes sidelining Ghanaian event organisers for foreigners to their own detriment but naively "thinking they are going to help them out but they are not."

He also indicated Ghanaian acts charge exorbitantly. 

"They charge us some crazy amount but when they go to perform at shows [organised by Nigerian event organisers], it's funny how much they charge. We know all the monies they pay them," he said.

"You won't come to us when we will be the ones filling the venues for you but you'd rather go to the Nigerian. 

"How many times have you heard that a Ghanaian has played a show [in America] and it was a Nigerian [event organiser] who filled the venue?" he rhetorically quizzed host Nana Romeo. "But you choose them over us. Meanwhile, we are [active] in the [Ghanaian] communities. We have about a million Ghanaians in America." 

The 2022 Ghana Music Awards, USA, happened in August, at the Lincoln Theater in Columbus, Ohio, with Highlife seriel hitmaker Kofi Kinaata crowned as the ultimate awardee; Artiste of the Year. 


Source: Benjamin