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Kelvynboy reveals why he doesn't 'enter' socio-political issues

Ghanaian music star Kelvynboy

Kelvynboy, born Kelvyn Brown, has explained why, unlike some of his colleagues, he refrains from social and political commentary.

He said even though there is money to be made engaging in politics, he cannot give his time to it when there is music to be made.

He was on the 3Music Culture Daily show, Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

Jay Foley, at the head of the Culture Daily table, had asked the 'Down Flat' hitmaker why he does not engage in socio-political commentary. 

"I feel like..." he said, hesitating awhile. "I'm just being sarcastic... I feel like I'm too short for that," he burst in laughter. Jay and Olele Salvador joined him. 

He added that music is more important to him. 

"I love music too much to bring something else to take [up] my time," Kelvynboy said. "No, I'm not finished with music yet."

Quickly, he remarked that: "I love money, though."

His hosts laughed. 

"Yes, because a lot of people will consider the money part and decide to do such things," he pointed in Jay's direction to explain what he meant by 'such things'. 

"Because they come and they do nothing," he argued. 

At this juncture, it was not clear if the singer-songwriter was referring to creative arts figures who become politicians or those who simply comment on current affairs. 

Despite that, he concluded with: "I don't think I will ever enter that side."

Kelvynboy premiers the official music video for his latest Highlife piece 'Be Like That' at 3 PM today, Friday, March 24. 





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