Tuesday, 05 March

New FRA! album out mid-2023

The Ghanaian band FRA!

After a successful sixth edition of their FRA!ternity concert, Ghanaian afro-centric band FRA! is gearing up for the release of their third album.

The band's composer, songwriter, media manager and drummer Joshua 'Virgen' Boateng (JVB) revealed this to Class News' Prince Benjamin (PB) in an exclusive interview.

"Our forthcoming album has already been completed and will be released in the middle of this year," he indicated.

In 2018, FRA! released their debut long play (LP), FRA!ternity. It was followed by 2019's 'Journey' which had the hit 'Bibia Be Ye Yie' featuring Dave Da Musicbox. 

According to JVB, the band's follow-up album is called 'Chalewote'.

Hinting at when exactly the project will be released, he mentioned that: "We have plans to embark on a European tour with the new project this summer."

Virgen also revealed another FRA!ternity concert is in the works for 2023 and it may see patrons travelling to another region to witness it.

"We're also thinking about holding the FRA!ternity concert in another region this year," he said and invited: "Event organisers in other regions [apart from Greater Accra Region] who want to work with us to bring the FRA!ternity concert to their city [to] get in touch."

Not much was said about what is on the 'Chalewote' album but he explained that the new compositions performed with Kyei Mensah and Thousand during the January 21, 2023 FRA!ternity VI are not on it but "could be published as singles or as part of a future project."

"We'll have to consider when is the best moment to release them. Fans should keep their fingers crossed since we might surprise them shortly," he added.

The seven-member FRA! band is signed to Delicious Tunes based in Germany.



Source: classfmonline.com/Prince Benjamin