Tuesday, 23 July

Rihanna has work on the brain, not retirement

Rihanna attends the Rihanna x Fenty Hair Los Angeles Launch Party on June 10. Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Rihanna would like to clear a few things up.

As the superstar singer and entrepreneur promotes her new Fenty hair line, she’s also been speaking out about some of the things floating around in the air of pop culture.

For example, she caused a bit of a frenzy recently after she was spotted wearing a t-shirt dress which read, “I’m Retired.”

“That was just me looking into the future. I’m not retired. I just like that dress,” Rihanna told “Extra.” “I got it as a gift and I loved it… They didn’t read the second line, I’m not retired, I’m just retired from dressing up — it’s a lot of effort.”

“Wait for the ‘I Quit’ t-shirt,” she joked.

Rihanna last released an album in 2016 with “AntI.” She’s been plenty busy growing both her Fenty empire and her family with rapper A$AP Rocky.

The longtime couple have two sons, RZA, who was born in May 2022, and Riot, who was born in August 2023.

Rihanna told Extra she would love to have a daughter.

“A spicy little girl would be so fun,” she said.

That doesn’t mean immediately, however.

“Can I get my six-pack back first?” she joked to “E! News.”

She was even more specific when talking to “Entertainment Tonight.”

“I’m not pregnant, if that’s what you’re asking,” she told the outlet.

She also said she’s working on new music and beseeched fans to “give me a second!”

Source: cnn.com