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V/R: Ho FM promotes tourism to push national development – Channel Head

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Torgbui Ahorgo I, the Channel Head of Ho FM in the Volta Regional capital, has expressed the station's commitment to promoting the numerous tourist attractions in the Volta Region for the purpose of national socio-economic development.

Torgbui Ahorgo I led the dedicated team from Ho FM, accompanied by approximately 150 holidaymakers and local residents of the Volta Region, on an exploratory journey to some of the region's captivating tourist sites on Thursday, September 21, 2023.

This initiative is not a novel one for the station, as Torgbui Ahorgo I highlighted. 

In the previous year, a similar excursion took place, venturing to the southern part of the region, specifically the Keta and Anloga Districts' he said.

Torgbui Ahorgo I explained the station's motivation behind these trips, stating, "We have realized that it is not deeply ingrained in us to visit tourist sites, and we decided to capitalise on this opportunity. 

We wanted our listeners to not only engage in sightseeing, entertainment, and leisure but also to have a first-hand experience. 

We chose to take them along so that our activities and programmes would not be limited to electronic media alone; our audience can also witness these sites for themselves."

He further emphasized, "Although the Volta Region boasts of a plethora of tourist sites, not everyone has had the chance to visit them. 

These places, he explained may be in close proximity to the listeners, yet they may have never been there. 

''The promotion of many of these destinations begins with taking our people there so that they can also experience and appreciate them."

In an exclusive interview with Class 93.1 FM's Volta Regional Correspondent Kingsley Attitsogbui, during Ho FM's "HO FM DU AGBE" or "Ho FM Enjoyment Tour," held on Thursday, September 21, 2023, which coincided with Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's Memorial Day, Torgbui Ahorgo I shared his vision for promoting tourism in the Volta Region.

Participants in this memorable excursion had the opportunity to explore various attractions, including the ancient cross erected by the German Missionaries on Mountain Gemi, the exhilarating Canopy Walkway, and the enchanting Ote Waterfalls, all located in Amedzofe. 

The journey continued to the breathtaking Wli Waterfalls.

Throughout the day, participants were treated to entertaining performances by the skilled Disc Jockey DJ Billsheet and a live band performance by Walako Live Band. 

The atmosphere was filled with joy and festivity, and many participants expressed their gratitude to the management of Class Media Group (CMG) and Ho FM for opening their eyes to these incredible tourist sites.

Furthermore, many participants encouraged Ho FM's management to maintain their commitment to promoting the various sites in the Volta Region for the sake of national development. 

Some even requested that such trips be organized at least twice a year.

Source: Mensah