Sunday, 23 June

Robbery on Ofankor-Nsawam project site

The Ofankor-Nsawam site

In a disturbing incident early Sunday morning, armed men attacked and robbed security officers guarding contractors on the Ofankor to Nsawam road project.

The robbery occurred at the Ofankor railway bridge section, a site frequently targeted by criminals.

Senior Project Manager Abdulai Mahama recounted the harrowing experience, stating that the security officers were deprived of their phones and other personal belongings.

The attackers, who struck around 12:45 am, tied up the officers after they attempted to thwart the robbery of a broken-down truck from Burkina Faso.

Mr Mahama detailed the sequence of events: "One of our security men informed us that a black Toyota Camry approached their post. During the exchange, the robbers overpowered and tied the two security officers. They also attacked two other men present in a vehicle, taking their money and phones before fleeing the scene."

This is not an isolated incident on the Ofankor to Nsawam junction road, which is notorious for such attacks, particularly around broken-down vehicles.

"Whenever there are faulty vehicles, these robbers see it as an opportunity to loot," Mahama explained.

Following the robbery, the contractors lodged a report with the Ofankor Police Station. The police have assured the project team that an investigation is underway to apprehend the culprits and prevent future incidents.


"We are hopeful that the police will take the necessary steps to enhance security along this stretch," Mahama added, reflecting the contractors' concern for the safety of their staff and the success of the project.