Sunday, 21 July

BoG Governor affirms commitment to excellence at National Banking College's 30th anniversary

Dr. Maxwell Opoku-Afari, spoke on behalf of Dr Addison

Dr. Ernest Addison, Governor of the Bank of Ghana (BoG) and Chairman of the Governing Council of the National Banking College (NBC), has reaffirmed the commitment of the College's General Council to fortify governance structures and uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct. 

Speaking at the 30th anniversary celebrations of the NBC, Dr. Addison's message, conveyed by Dr. Maxwell Opoku-Afari, First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana, emphasised the pivotal role of the Council in shaping the institution's trajectory.

Highlighting the institution's journey over the past three decades, Dr. Addison underscored the establishment and implementation of a robust governance and oversight structure by the Governing Council. This framework, he noted, has been instrumental in preserving NBC's integrity, customer-centric approach, excellence, teamwork, professionalism, and fairness, thus ensuring the sustainability of its operations.

Dr. Addison reiterated the Council's unwavering dedication to fulfilling its governance responsibilities with the utmost diligence and accountability. Through specialized Committees such as Finance and Administration, Technical, and Audit and Governance, the Council maintains diligent oversight, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks and fostering stakeholder trust.

Transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct were highlighted as core tenets ingrained within the governance framework, reflecting the Council's commitment to fostering a culture of integrity.

Established on April 9, 1994, as a private entity limited by guarantee, the NBC has been charged with developing training programs for banking professionals at various levels. Its mandates encompass education and training, conference organization, research, consultancy, and the awarding of qualifications.

Dr. Addison commended the collaborative efforts of the Governing Council and the various management teams in steering the affairs of the College in line with best practices, ensuring its sustained growth and relevance in the industry. 

Despite navigating through diverse economic landscapes and global transformations, the institution he said has exhibited resilience and dedication, culminating in its continued success.

Addressing recent challenges stemming from the banking sector cleanup exercise, Dr. Addison emphasized the imperative of reviewing NBC's strategies to realize its vision of becoming a world-class institution. This entails delivering effective training in banking and finance and assuming a leading role in capacity building within the financial sector.

Dr. Addison underscored the unwavering commitment of the NBC's Governing Council to excellence, innovation, and ethical conduct, ensuring its continued leadership in banking and finance education.


Source: Mensah