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Over 400 Deloitte Ghana staff mark ‘Volunteer Day’ to impact about 12,000 school children

Country Managing Partner, Daniel Kwadwo Owusu speaking to the media

For the second year running, over 400 employees of Deloitte Ghana left their offices on May 14, 2024, to dedicate their working day to teach, mentor and ultimately inspire school children at three cluster of Schools in the Greater Accra region.

This formed part of the Deloitte ‘Volunteer Day’ which was birthed on May 30, 2023 to redefine corporate volunteerism in Africa.

Deloitte's Volunteer Day is an annual event dedicated to highlighting the firm's ongoing dedication to creating positive social change through community involvement. In Africa, about 7200 Deloitte employees and leaders across Africa actively volunteered their time to provide skills-based volunteering opportunities to support not-for-profit organizations, schools, and other sectors to make meaningful contributions beyond our core services.

In Ghana, the schools that the staff of Deloitte Ghana volunteered their time at were Abavana Cluster of Schools, New Town Experimental Schools in the Ayawaso Central Municipality, Kpehe RC Catholic School and the Adabraka Cluster of Schools.

Speaking at a brief ceremony to usher in the ‘Volunteer Day’, the Country Managing Partner of Deloitte Ghana, Daniel Owusu, said corporate volunteerism is one of the cardinal principles of our purpose of impacting directly thousands of children and the wider society. Therefore, Deloitte's Executive Committee adopted a Volunteer Policy, a paradigm shift and a renewed commitment to having a palpable impact on communities in which we operate. 

He added that Deloitte lives it purpose beyond business profit and “is our commitment to serve as a responsible corporate citizen in Africa”.

“We aim to inspire and contribute to a better world by making meaningful contributions beyond our core services and by leaving a lasting impression on the communities and the broader business ecosystem. As we work to make an impact that goes beyond the scope of our commercial activities, I encourage everyone to participate actively and embrace the spirit of volunteerism”, he pointed out.

Volunteer Day is a demonstration of Deloitte’s commitment to making impact 

The Chief Sustainability Officer of Deloitte West Africa, Abena Biney, for her part said, Volunteer Day serves as a powerful demonstration of Deloitte's commitment to making a meaningful impact in the communities it serves. 

“It is a reminder that no matter where you live or the skills you possess, you can take action to make an impact in the lives of tomorrow's leaders. Literacy is indeed an empowering and liberating force”, she explained.

GES keen on promoting literacy that addresses the SDG 4 target

The Municipal Director of Education for Ayawaso Central, Augustus Owusu Agyemfrah, commended Deloitte Ghana for the initiative, saying, as a Municipal Education Directorate, they are keen on promoting literacy to address the literacy target 4.6 in Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 and the Education 2030 Framework for Action. 

The target, he mentioned, is to ensure that all youth and a substantial proportion of adults, both men and women, achieve literacy and numeracy by 2030.

He pointed out that his outfit has instituted interventions such as the early morning bird where learners in all schools are taken through reading activities to enhance their skills, adding, “We have also introduced programmes such as Municipal Reading Festival and Municipal Spelling B competition among learners to arouse their interest in reading and also test them on key words in their reading materials.

He continued that promoting literacy is crucial for individuals, communities, and societies as a whole, stating, “Literacy opens doors to new opportunities, enhances cognitive skills, and fosters personal growth. Promoting Literacy.

About Deloitte Volunteer Day

Deloitte’s Volunteer Day is an annual event dedicated to highlighting the firm’s ongoing dedication to creating positive social change through community involvement. 

The day serves a powerful demonstration of Deloitte’s commitment to making a meaningful impact in the communities it serves.

Source: classfmonline.com