Monday, 24 June

Bonds: Bear with us; ability to pay a struggle – MoF begs pensioners

General News
Abena Osei Asare addressing the pensioners

The Deputy Finance Minister Abena Osei Asare has said the government's failure to meet coupon deadlines for pensioner bondholders is not on purpose.

"We don't intentionally stop them [payment], sometimes it's difficult, it is the ability to pay and, so, when it is not there, it becomes a challenge, but we also have to communicate that to you", she told the picketing pensioners on Thursday, 1 June 2023.

The pensioners resumed their picketing after the government, once again, failed to honour its side of the bargain regarding the deadlines for coupon payment.

Explaining issues to the seniors who defied the morning rains to picket the ministry, the deputy minister said, "so, for now, our focus should be on the five outstanding [coupons], and then we talk about how we will manage the principal payment".

"I sincerely appreciate where you are coming from", she empathised, noting: "This has never happened when coupons are ready for payment and the government is struggling to pay, but currently, we all know the circumstances we find ourselves in, so, I will plead with you; so, let's sit and clear, and then we will see the way forward".