Monday, 30 January

Fake military officer busted at Burma Camp

General News
Rufai Abubakar , fake military officer

Military Police personnel have arrested one Rufai Abubakar for posing as a Senior Military Officer and trying to access a military installation at Burma Camp in Accra.

The suspect, who was dressed in a military camouflage uniform, decorated with fake Lieutenant Colonel ranks, according to a statement from the Ghana Armed Forces, claimed he was stationed at the Northern Command Headquarters and was proceeding to the Air Force Base to book a flight to Tamale.

“The suspect who entered Burma Camp in a commercial vehicle was closely monitored as he alighted at a bus stop and headed to the Air Force Base," the statement said. 

“The guards on duty noted his suspicious behaviour, questioned him and after some incoherent answers, he confessed he was not a service personnel,” the Ghana Armed Forces added in the statement.

At the time of arrest, the suspect had in his possession fake military identification, business cards and other documents bearing his name.


Source: Mensah