Thursday, 30 November

Galamsey: Forestry C’ssion demobilises excavator at Atewa Forest

General News
Galamsey activities in the Atewa forest

The Forestry Commission (FC) has demobilised an excavator in the Atewa forest reserve.

The exercise follows reports of alleged illegal mining activities in the reserve in the Eastern region on Monday, 30 January 2023.

The Commission said upon hearing the news, it deployed officials to comb the forest to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of the reports.

According to the Commission, after combing the forest, its officials identified a mining operation outside the forest reserve which has affected a portion of the forest reserve measuring approximately 0.6 hectares.

In a statement, the Commission noted that no person was found at this portion of the forest reserve, however, its officials found some equipment, including an excavator and demobilised it.

The Commission said it is working with the 'Operation Halt II' team to ensure no illegal mining activity takes place in the forest reserve.

In the meantime, the Commission said it will take the necessary steps to reclaim the portion of the forest reserve which has been affected by this illegal activity.

It said it has already reported the incident at the Kyebi District Police station and will work with the Police to find the perpetrators of these illegal activities and take the necessary action against them.

Source: Mensah