Friday, 24 May

Tema: GRA busts Palace Mall manager for tax non-compliance

General News
Palace Mall

A task force from the revenue compliance unit of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has arrested the Community 25 branch manager of the Palace Mall.

The managers of the shop according to the GRA have allegedly deliberately outsmarted the Electronic VAT Invoicing system by recording multiple sales of items under one unit.

However, each item sold should have a separate VAT invoice in order to adequately account for taxes paid by customers.

The arrest comes after the Manager of the Spintex road branch of China Mall was arrested by the task force over non-payment of taxes on Monday.

The manager of Sneda Mall on Spintex Road was also arrested by the task force for the same offence.

These are part of the GRA’s operations to clamp down on companies defaulting on their tax commitments to the state.