Saturday, 15 June

W/R: GNFS rescues a toddler from fire; saves 23 rooms from ruins at naval base officers flat

General News
Firefighters at work

Firefighters from the Sekondi Metro Fire Station on Tuesday morning, 30 May 2023, arrived in good time to rescue alive, a one-and-half-year-old baby girl from a rampaging fire on the 4th floor of an affected three storey Naval Base Officers Flat near the Hosanna Methodist Church at Kweikuma Caprice in Sekondi in the Western Region.

The firefighters also saved 23 rooms and their contents (on the 3rd, 2nd, 1st and ground floors), an adjoining one storey self-contained apartment with seven rooms and three saloon cars from total fire ruins.

However, seven rooms on the 4th floor and their contents including home appliances, furniture, personal effects, among others got severely burnt by the fire.

Officers of the GNFS said they were informed about the fire incident via a running call at 09:50 Tuesday morning. The first crew met the fast spreading blaze at an advanced stage amidst thick smoke emanating from the roofs on the 4th floor of the affected three storey Naval Base Officers Flat.

Three additional Pumps including (Apremdo, Ghana Navy, and GHAPOHA Fire Engines), two water tankers made up of Ghana Navy Water Tanker and a Private Water Tanker and a Turn Table Ladder were marshaled to the fire scene to bring the fierce blaze under control.

The cause of the fierce fire remains under investigation, the firefighters said.