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World Social Work Day: Let’s eradicate all traits of discrimination – GASOW urges members

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It concluded by calling on the country’s social workers not to rest until every trait of discrimination is exterminated

The Ghana Association of Social Workers (GASOW) has called on social workers across the country to utilise every opportunity available to them to promote the positives of diversity.

The association made the call on the occasion of World Social Work Day, on Tuesday, 21 March 2023.

A statement issued by the association, signed by its President, Kwadwo Ofori-Dua said: “We are living in an era where negative politicking, intolerance, prejudice, stereotyping, greed and ethnocentrism among others have heightened diversity and discrimination in our society. 

“The harm and negative consequences that these behaviours and attitudes have visited on humanity, particularly the vulnerable in our societies are unimaginable. It is in the light of this that the call for respecting diversity is appropriate and timely.”

It noted that: “Given the potential threat of discrimination to the development of our society, we all have an obligation to work towards the promotion of unity in diversity. This calls for respect and tolerance for diverse cultures, diverse opinions and diverse socially approved behaviours. 

“To achieve this laudable objective, social workers as ‘Apostles of Social Justice’, have a moral duty to spearhead campaigns against all forms of discrimination, as well as educate society to eschew all forms of prejudice and stereotyping which are the core of social discrimination.”

It further said: “We have a sacred duty to our profession to trumpet respect for the dignity and worth of every human being irrespective of a person’s race, sexual orientation, religious orientation and social status. 

“Above all, let social workers use all legal means to advocate for equitable distribution of society’s resources to benefit all members of society, particularly the vulnerable.”

It concluded by calling on the country’s social workers not to rest until every trait of discrimination is exterminated. 

“Let us utilise every opportunity available to us to promote the positives of diversity and rest not until all traits of discrimination are eradicated from our society.”

This year’s celebration is on the theme ‘Respecting Diversity Through Joint Social Action’.