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Dental Surgeon: Mouthwash is not for children

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Dental Surgeon Dr Louisa Ansong-Satekla

Dr Louisa Ansong-Satekla has warned parents and guardians against children using mouthwash.

According to the Dental Surgeon, not all mouthwashes are appropriate even for teenagers and adults.

She said this in an exclusive interview with Class News' Prince Benjamin when she chaired the Duala Medical Centre's celebration of 2023's World Oral Health Day, today, Monday, March 20, at Burma Camp, Accra.

“We don’t recommend mouthwash for children because there’s a high chance that they’d swallow it," she said, recommending that parents seek early oral health interventions for children with a sense of urgency to avoid aggravations and expensive interventions. 

“When you go and see your dentist, recommendations will be made based on what the dentist finds in the mouth of your child,” she added.

For teenagers, she said, they “can use mouthwash but then again, like I said, when you go and see your dentist, a recommendation will be made because there are different types of mouthwashes on the market [with their unique usage].”

“There are alcohol-based ones which tend to dry your mouth and they are not recommended for everyone," she explained. "So your dentist would be the best person to tell you what works for you.”

'Be proud of your mouth' is the theme for the 2023 World Oral Health Day celebration. 

Source: Benjamin