Tuesday, 23 July

GNAT launches GHS 5 for my teacher cancer campaign

Health News
Sweden Medical Centre treating a patient

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has recently acquired the Sweden Medical Centre, a facility dedicated to treating cancer among teachers. 

This acquisition has led to the establishment of the GNAT Cancer Foundation with a cancer donation initiative dubbed GHS 5 for my teacher, aimed at ensuring comprehensive cancer care for GNAT members and facilitating contributions from philanthropists and the general public to support this cause.

Dr. Clement Adusa, the Chief Executive Officer of the Sweden Medical Centre, emphasized the importance of raising funds to support the cancer foundation. 

He assured that the medical team is committed to implementing cancer awareness and prevention programmes to educate communities about the disease.

 "Our goal is to ensure that every community understands cancer as a disease and the necessary steps for prevention and treatment," Dr. Adusa stated.

Mr. Armstrong Asante, Chairman of the GNAT Cancer Foundation, extended an invitation to the diplomatic corps, national leaders, Ghanaians, and the global community to support this initiative. 

He highlighted the foundation’s readiness to receive donations and support through various channels. 

"Our bank account, website, and social media handles are all active and ready to receive your contributions. 

Together, we can save lives," Mr. Asante emphasized.

The GNAT Cancer Foundation represents a significant step in providing critical healthcare services to teachers and enhancing cancer awareness and prevention efforts across Ghana

Source: Classfmonline.com/Ohene Kwadwo Alidjah