Saturday, 15 June

'Our MPs not worth our support', NDC serial callers, texters strike

The NDC has said its MPs who voted for the nominees are backstabbers

The serial callers and texters of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) across the country are on an indefinite strike.

The strike is to register their displeasure at their MPs who endorsed President Nana Akufo-Addo’s six ministerial nominees recently.

In a statement issued by the group and co-signed by Secretary Sadiq K. Kpanja, Liaison officer Ibrahim Awal and Organisor Lagbadza, the group condemned what it described as the “mass approval” of the president’s ministerial nominees by the minority in parliament. 

The serial callers and texters of the party said the action of the lawmakers of the NDC has angered them.

“It is hereby conveyed to all the 136 NDC members of parliament that their action has angered the rank and file of the party, especially when it was evident they voted overwhelmingly to approve the nominees with no recourse to the suffering masses in Ghana,” the statement noted. 

Expressing their total “dissatisfaction” with the conduct of the minority caucus, the group announced its decision to embark on an indefinite strike, which began on Saturday, 25 March 2023, until further notice. 

It noted that the indefinite action would be “where no calls or text message shall be sent to any media house for the said period.”

The group urged its members across the country to “heed this call and refrain from any media engagement until further notice.” 

“If you are not ready to work for the interest of the suffering masses, you are not worth our support,” the group added.