Friday, 08 December

Party faithful who never had opportunity to lead, never resigned from NPP – Justin Kodua to Alan

The NPP General Secretary called for unity among party members urging a demonstration of a commitment to the principles on which the party was founded

The governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has noted that despite the vision of some party faithful to lead in various capacities, only a few people have had that opportunity, yet those who did not get the chance to be leaders never broke away.

The comments follow the resignation of former flagbearer aspirant and Trades Minister Alan Kyerematen from the NPP.

Addressing a press conference in response to Mr Kyerematen’s resignation, on Tuesday, 26 September 2023, General Secretary Justin Kodua explained: “Since 1992, several party faithful have had the vision to lead the party and, subsequently, to lead the country, but sadly, as nature has its own course, only a few have had the opportunity to achieve that vision". 

“Party faithful who never had the opportunity to lead, never resigned from the party but continued to serve, some until they were called to eternity. Just as many faithfuls who had no vision to lead the party but served the Party in various capacities and never tasted power but died holding unto the banner of our great party.”

The NPP General Secretary called for unity among party members urging a demonstration of a commitment to the principles on which the party was founded in order to achieve their common goal of breaking the eight. 

“The NPP has always been a dynamic and resilient political party, and this moment serves as an opportunity for us to demonstrate our unity, fortitude, and unwavering commitment to the principles upon which our party was founded".

“As the party strives to win the 2024 general elections and make a monumental record, we urge party faithful to reaffirm their dedication towards this common goal,” he said.

He added: “Our party's strength has always been derived from the unity and resilience of our members, and we call upon each and every one of you to rally together and uphold the principles that define us.”

Meanwhile, the NPP has described Mr Kyerematen’s mode of resignation from the party as “disappointing”, as he never indicated any sign of wanting to leave the party.

According to the NPP, Mr Kyerematen did not give the leadership of the party prior notice about his resignation, only to call a press conference announcing his departure from the NPP.

The NPP’s General Secretary noted: “The disappointing part is the mode in which he [Mr Kyerematen] decided to resign from the party which was through a press conference without prior notice. 

“The party wants to believe that by this decision to hold a press conference to resign without first informing the leadership of the party suggests that he made a premeditated and irrevocable decision to resign from the party.” 

He revealed that when its party’s National Chairman, Steven Ntim visited Mr Kyerematen after the Electoral College held in August in an attempt to bring all 10 aspirants together, the former flagbearer aspirant of the NPP did not “portray any sign” of leaving the party let alone “going independent.”

The party, however, acknowledged Mr Kyerematen’s contribution to the NPP’s growth and development over the years. 

“We respect your decision and extend our gratitude for the service rendered to our party and mother Ghana over the years,” the NPP General Secretary added.

Source: Adiku