Tuesday, 23 July

Tension rising in Bono East over alleged voter transfer malpractices

NDC and NPP youth in fisticuffs in Bono East Region

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has raised serious concerns over alleged voter transfer malpractices by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Bono East Region. 

According to the NDC, the NPP has been engaged in bussing, camping, and shepherding individuals who do not qualify to transfer their votes to various constituencies within the region, a practice reportedly facilitated by reckless guidelines issued by the Electoral Commission (EC).

Since the commencement of the voter transfer exercise, the NDC's regional headquarters has been inundated with distress calls from party leaders across constituencies, including Nkoranza North, Nkoranza South, Sene East, and Sene West. 

These leaders report the arrival of strangers who have no ties to the local communities, allegedly brought in by the NPP from as far away as the Greater Accra Region.

 The situation has escalated tensions between the NDC and NPP, culminating in both verbal and physical confrontations.

In a recent incident, NPP supporters, allegedly led by National Security Operatives, were accused of transporting individuals to the Nkoranza South Capital, Nkoranza Municipal, to facilitate their participation in the upcoming elections scheduled for December 7th, 2024.

 The NDC has vowed to employ all legal measures to prevent what they describe as the NPP's nefarious and unpatriotic conduct in the region in a statement dated June 11, 2024 and signed by its Regional Communications Director Suleman Mohammed-Mustapha

According to the statement, the increasing hostilities prompted the Bono East Regional Police Command to call a meeting on June 10, 2024  between representatives of both parties. 

The meeting, attended by Bono East Regional Minister Mr  Kwasi Adu-Gyan and NDC Deputy Director in charge of Protocols and Logistics, Alhaji Mohammed Kwaku Doku, aimed to defuse the situation.

 However, the meeting turned contentious when the Regional Minister threatened to arrest Mr Doku if any harm befell the alleged illegal registrants from Accra.

 In response, Mr. Doku challenged the Minister, escalating the tension.

The heated exchanges nearly led to a physical altercation between the youth supporters of both parties, with NPP Regional Chairman Ibrahim Baba Bukari reportedly attempting to attack Mr. Doku on three separate occasions. 

The situation was only contained through the timely intervention of the Regional Police Command and its officers.

The NDC, led by its Regional Chairman Alhaji Unas Owusu, has declared its readiness to resist any attempts by the EC and the NPP to manipulate the voter transfer process. 

The party asserts that it will stand firm against efforts to introduce unqualified voters into the constituencies, which could impact the outcome of both the presidential and parliamentary elections in the Bono East Region.

Suleman Mohammed-Mustapha, the NDC's Regional Communications Officer, reiterated the party's stance, urging vigilance and legal adherence in the electoral process.

 "A word to the wise is enough," he concluded, underscoring the seriousness of the situation.

Source: Classfmonline.com/Cecil Mensah