Tuesday, 23 July

30 years anniversary: Giving has brought us this far-Stratcomm Africa

Special guest unveiling the anniversary logo

Strategic Communication Africa (Stratcomm Africa) has launched the celebration of its 30th anniversary, marking three decades of providing professional communication support to individuals, organizations, and institutions both in Ghana and internationally.

Founded in 1994, Stratcomm Africa began as a centre for development and intellectual communication, driven by the belief that effective communication is a powerful tool for national development and international understanding.

Speaking at the anniversary media soiree in Accra, Esther Cobbah, the Founder and CEO of Stratcomm Africa, shared the company's journey from its humble beginnings to its current success.

Cobbah reminisced about starting the company as a social enterprise in her home study, eventually moving to a shipping container that served as the first office.

This unique setup attracted attention, leading to their first major client, a multinational aviation company, which remained loyal for nine years.

This successful partnership helped establish Stratcomm Africa's reputation and opened the door to more opportunities.

Cobbah highlighted the importance of effective communication, noting that many initially did not understand its significance. She emphasized that platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are merely channels of communication, not the essence of it.

The vision behind Stratcomm Africa, she explained, is to use communication to foster national development, enhance individual livelihoods, and drive organizational profitability. She stressed that profitability includes social benefits, such as promoting health and preventing diseases like malaria and diarrhoea.

As President of the Institute of Public Relations Ghana, Cobbah expressed her ambition to educate the nation on the importance of effective communication, stating that good governance cannot exist without it.

She urged Ghanaian media professionals to be authentic, recognize their capabilities, and continually improve their skills.

The launch of the 30th-anniversary celebration was marked by a speech from Chief Alhassan Andani, Founder and Executive Chairman of LVSAfrica Limited.

He commended Stratcomm Africa's longevity and ethical values, which have been crucial to its success. Andani praised Cobbah's unwavering commitment to excellence and stressed the importance of continuous growth and improvement.

He called for greater support and recognition of strategic communication companies like Stratcomm Africa from both domestic companies and the government.

Mr Andani lauded Stratcomm Africa as a true Ghanaian entrepreneurial success story and expressed confidence in its potential to shape the communication landscape beyond Ghana and Africa.

Sharon Anim, the Marketing Communication Manager of Stratcomm Africa, highlighted the organization's spirit, which embodies excellence, passion, resilience, integrity, professionalism, innovation, and creativity. She noted that this ethos has significantly impacted Ghana's communication landscape over three decades, driving continuous evolution within the industry.

The theme of "30 years of dynamic impact" underscored the company's achievements and its commitment to adapting to global changes.

By remaining agile and forward-thinking, Stratcomm Africa has redefined communication norms and embraced innovation, inspiring fresh perspectives in the field.

Stratcomm Africa's 30th-anniversary celebration underscores its dedication to delivering comprehensive communication services and its commitment to making a positive impact on Ghanaian society through effective communication strategies.