Tuesday, 27 February

Commercial drivers endorse Mahama's 24-hour economy policy

Commercial Drivers

In a press conference held today, Thursday, December 7, 2023, representatives of transport operators conveyed their endorsement of the 24-hour economy policy recently announced by National Democratic Congress (NDC) flagbearer John Dramani Mahama. 

The commercial drivers emphasised the significance of economic policies and expressed their support for initiatives aimed at transforming the country's economic trajectory.

Addressing members of the press, the drivers, including representatives from the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), articulated their collective belief that the 24-hour economy policy is a "game-changer" that holds the potential to positively impact Ghana's economic landscape.

The spokesperson for the group, Paa Willie, who is also the Chairman, the Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana Drivers, underscored the importance of a properly implemented a 24-hour economy, foreseeing enhanced operations in commercial centres such as ports, harbours, marketplaces, and essential services during night shifts.

He also highlighted the potential for increased economic activity through the continuous operation of factories and production firms and providing drivers with more opportunities to transport passengers.

Expressing the challenges faced under the current system, the drivers conveyed their struggles to find passengers during nighttime, often resulting in financial hardships.

They asserted that the implementation of the 24-hour economy would alleviate these challenges and boost their business.

The drivers further issued a cautionary note to political figures and parties criticising the policy, urging them to be mindful of the positive impact it could have on the nation's economy. 

Emphasising the need for a comprehensive economic turnaround, they asserted that the 24-hour economy policy has the potential to create employment opportunities and enhance the overall comfort and relief for drivers, especially during nighttime breakdowns.

In a plea to all Ghanaians, the drivers urged the public to embrace and take advantage of the policy, viewing it as a catalyst for economic growth.

They expressed their anticipation for the full implementation of the policy, emphasising its potential to bring about positive change and improvement in the lives of drivers and citizens alike

Source: Classfmonline.com/Cecil Mensah