Friday, 17 September

Forestry Commission bans hunting of all game except 'akrantie' for 4 months

For the next four months, no game except grasscutter, can be hunted in Ghana's forests

The Forestry Commission has, in a statement, banned the hunting of all game, except grasscutter (Akrantie), from Sunday, 1 August 2021 in Ghana’s forests.

The close season will last for four months and, thus, end on Wednesday, 1 December 2021.

The annual ban is in accordance with the Wildlife Conservation Regulation 197, LI 685.

Anyone found flouting the ban will be liable for an offence, the statement said.

“The annual ban on hunting, capturing and destroying of wild animals otherwise known as ‘Close Season’ begins on 1st August 2021 and ends on 1st December 2021 in conformity with the Wildlife Conservation Regulation 1971, LI 685.”

“During this period, it shall be illegal for anybody to hunt, capture or destroy any wild animal except the grass cutter (Akrantie), which can be done only under licence issued by the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission.”