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Darkovibes 'pours libation' for blessings on 'Yao'

Ghanaian music star Darkovibes

Ghanaian artiste Darkovibes has served a new song to his fans.

Unlike his recent Afrobeats number, 'Happy Day', this new song, 'Yao', follows the Trap/Drill tradition with a hint of Highlife.

The Killbeatz production which spans 2 minutes and 59 seconds was released today, Thursday, December 1, 2022.

In his native Ga language, Paul Nii Amu Andrew Darko, alias Darkovibes, oscillates between a spiritual message and his apparent penchant for carnal pleasures which is even more blatant on the second verse on which he hints at getting into bed with "two, three, four girl."

"We will destory nothing of anyone's, and ours will also not be destroyed. 

"May [all these] blessings engulf us. 

"Yao [Amen]," he artfully sings 15 seconds into the song.

Coming to the fleshly side, he sings in Patois and Pidgin: "Bad girl, come and whine on me so I pour libation."

"You are sweet, you are bad, you'll give me problems o," he also notes as he punctuates the chorus with the Ga invocation for blessings: ''Tswa omanye aba, yao!” 

See the cover art for the song below: 

Darkovibes – Yao (Mp3 Download)


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