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Edem vs Sister Deborah: 'Dating is rehearsal for marriage, must be taken seriously'

Rapper Edem

Edem has challenged Sister Deborah on her take on a controversial moment at a recent Omah Lay concert.

At a recent London concert, Omah Lay asked a woman, in the audience, to come up stage and dance with him. When she obliged, a curtain was dropped, concealing them, and a spotlight was beamed, creating a circular frame around them, simultaneously highlighting their silhouette. 

What ensued, thereafter, was an erotic dance that appeared embarrased the woman's boyfriend, who was left alone where they initially stood together. 

While the moment has been disputed as choreographed, others maintain it was real spontaneous dance. The latter seems to be the case, seeing as the woman in question has issued an apology.

| Deborah Owusu-Bonsu, alias Sister Deborah

On X, Ghanaian singer and activist Sister Deborah opined the apology was needless. According to her, the dance was nothing to be seen as disrespectful to a partner, especially since the two were not married but simply dating. 

"I'm really pained the Omah Lay concert girl came to explain. My! Just a dance. Young people, not married, but taking this [dating] thing [as seriously as playing in the] World Cup. Simple entertainment. Jamaicans will be laughing. Boys will cheat publicly and not ever dare apologise publicly. The girl erred apologising, in my opinion," the Kakalika Love hitmaker wrote.

In another follow up post, Deborah doubled down, asserting the dancer's boyfriend missed an opportunity.

"They want her to feel for the boy's insecurities. Instead of him getting a dope video of her on that stage and proudly telling those around that that's his babe (the babe that caught the star of the night (Omah Lay's) eyes!), he was there [looking pitiful and hurt]. Aaargh," she bemoaned.

Rap legend Edem disagreed. He quoted Deborah's post with a reply, asserting dating must be considered serious if one would succeed in marriage resulting from said dating. 

"If you don't take a relationship [seriously like it's the] World Cup, you can't take marriage [seriously like it's the] World Cup [either]. One is [a] dress rehearsal, [while] one is the show [smile emoji] Unless you are not serious [yourself]," Edem wrote. 

Edem has been married for a decade. Sister Deborah's last public romantic relationship was with rapper Medikal. The latter, upon their breakup, married actress Fela Makafui.

Following the breakup, Sister Deborah released Kakalika (Cockroach) Love, with which she decried lies and cheating. 

Source: Benjamin